4 Benefits of Using a Fulfilment Center

What are the top advantages to e-commerce companies that use a fulfilment company?

Published on Oct 30, 2022

Eliminate storing inventory and packing boxes


As a retailer looking to increase your online presence, managing a physical space may not be ideal. It’s no surprise that many eCommerce businesses want to avoid the hassle of managing inventory or renting warehousing space for their eCommerce operations. 


Furthermore, if you don’t want to pack boxes and wait for the courier every day, a fulfillment center is a great alternative. For new businesses, the number one sign that it’s time to use a fulfilment centre is no longer being able to keep up with your increasing order volume. For existing brands looking to scale, fulfillment centres are a no-brainer from the getgo. Fulfilment providers help you spend less time worrying about packing supplies and managing operations and give you more time back to grow your business.


Focus on the big picture

While packing boxes and shipping customer orders are critical to meeting consumer expectations, they are generally tasks that can be easily outsourced. Entrepreneurs and eCommerce store managers have an endless to-do list, so they must stay laser-focused on the tasks that only they can do and those that will help them scale and make money.

Taking the time spent on order fulfilment and focusing it on marketing, customer service, and product management can help eCommerce businesses be more strategic and less operational. There will never be enough time in the day, but using a professional fulfillment center can help sellers be more proactive in other areas of the business.


Leave it to the experts

Logistics can be challenging, and a fulfillment center is a complex machine with many moving pieces that must simultaneously work together. From order processing and inventory management to preparations for peak shopping seasons, fulfilment companies are domain experts and have seen it all. A single fulfilment center handles operations for countless eCommerce businesses and ships millions of orders out regularly. Because of this, their volume and expertise make them a strategic partner.

Fulfillment companies can also drive greater efficiencies in everything from the low shipping rates they negotiate with couriers, to the number, size, and locations of their fulfillment centers — all to be utilized by the eCommerce businesses they work with.

Automate warehousing and fulfillment

Modern fulfillment companies have technology at the center of their fulfillment services. This means that every step of the fulfillment process is automatically documented in real-time for eCommerce businesses to know the status of their inventory and each order in the fulfillment center without having to be there.

This is possible when fulfillment solutions have built-in integrations with eCommerce platforms and marketplaces. This connection enables each customer order to be automatically sent to the fulfillment center to get picked, packed, and shipped out. Once shipped, tracking info is pushed back to the eCommerce store and shared with the customer.

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